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I am a Mechanical engineer with PhD from a top ranking institute in London. Complete Education on Scholarship. Currently working in a MNC at senior level. we are from a well known and reputed family. Both side Grandfathers were famous personalities. Father was famous artist and Principal of fine art institute. I have two sisters. One is dentist and in USA. Another is working in software MNC. We have a large bungalow and a two bed room flat. Expectation of partner - Graduate from any discipline. Working partner is not a must. It will be her choice to work or not. I am fine with large age difference.
Graduate from any discipline. Working or not working both are ok. Any Brahmin cast, CKP, GSB, Daivadnya, etc
Date of Birth Y-M-D 1970-1-10 (50 Years)
Gender Male
Complexion Fair
Blood Group B+
Height 5 Ft. 4"
Weight 55 KG.
Education Phd
Education Phd
Occupation Engineer
Educational Specification Mechanical Engineer
Monthly Income 200000 indian rupees.
Father Exist ? No
Father Name S
Mother Exist ? Yes
Mother Name P
Brothers 0 ( 0 Married )
Sisters 2 ( 1 Married )
Relatives Upasani
Native Place Nashik
Mama Muley
Parents Occupation Principal
Family Property Bungalow, Farm, Flat
Age Difference Upto : 11 Years
Minimum Height : 4 Ft. 9" Inch
Expected Income : NA /- Monthly
Education : Other
Education Specification : Any Graduate
Mangalik Accepted ? : Does not Matter
Accept Physically Challanged ? : No
Prefered City : Any
Gotra Vashishtha
Raashi Kumbha (Aquarious)
Mangallik ? no
Nakshatra Dhanishta
Birth Place & Time: Nashik : 0000
naadi ? Dont know
Gan Dont know
Charan 0
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